Easy integration

Add a single line of code into your existing website and turn it into an effective sales channel. Don’t have a website or having difficulties making changes to your website, we have offline solutions as well!


Say no to monthly subscription fees – we only bill you whenever a proposal is generated. Pay only when your prospects request for a proposal, and that means you only are only paying for quality leads.

Build your own sales channel

With our Machine Learning algorithm, we are able to generate unique and personalized proposal for your prospects within hours. Build your own sales channel with qualified leads that gives you higher conversion rates.

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How it works

How it benefits you

Spend only on qualified sales leads.

Prospects that complete the fact finding process are likely to become your customers. This is why we have developed a cost effective sales acquisition model where you only spend money to acquire highly quality leads.

Secure your customers faster than your competitors

Online users are looking for the best deals within the shortest amount of time. With our software, we can send deliver your solution to your prospects within hours.

Let your prospects know that you care

Make your prospects feel important. Send them great looking proposals with your company logo featuring your latest offers and unique products.

Profile your prospects and build your sales channel

Every proposal is an investment. Empower your sales team with critical information to close the deal, up sell and cross sell.

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Platinum Package

  • Idea for clients looking to send professional proposal with customized design
  • Detailed and extensive product range
  • Not exceeding 15 pages.

SGD7 per proposal

Basic Package

  • Idea for clients looking to send professional proposals with company logo.
  • Not exceeding 4 pages.
  • Value for money

SGD2 per proposal

Gold Package

  • Idea for clients looking to send professional proposals with company logo.
  • Wide range of products and services
  • Not exceeding 7 pages.

SGD5 per proposal


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